Commissioning a Portrait

I mainly use photographs for reference as they tend not to move around that much, so the more photos you can send or email to me the better. 

For commissions, payment can be made using  PayPal or cheque. Please feel free to email me and we can set something up.

Price list for is in the works, just like the rest of the web site, but if you need  more information now, please contact me at

I am always adding new artwork to the site, so please check back often!

Custom People Portraits










Acrylic on Canvas- Dogs Portraits
























"Taxi" as a pup!











Acrylic on Canvas - Horse Portraits





"For Rose"




Acrylic on Canvas - Cat Portraits























Other stuff and mixed media











From NG - NFS






"Two Old Wrecks"








Pen and Ink / Ink wash on illustration Board

"My Friend"


"Walks on water"

 Pen and Ink Wash on Illustration Board

Framed and double circle matt 17" h x 17" w (inclusive)

$350. (Cdn)



"Lady in Lace"



Pen and Ink Wash on Illustration Board

approx. 15" h x 13" w (unframed)

$225. (Cdn)



Pencil on Illustration Board



Pencil on Illustration Board

Approx.  15" h x 10" w (unframed)

$300. (Cdn)



"For Donna & Bill"



"For Dean"






"Angry Tiger"








"Tigger's waiting - look out mice"

NFS - Woodland Park Elementary Library



Elementary School Gym Mural - Commission

"Paw inside moon glows in the dark"



Papier Mache


 "Podium Wolf"



"Water Buffalo"

NFS - Woodland Park Library



NFS -Woodland Park Elementary




NFS - Woodland Park Library

"King of the Beasts"

NFS - Workshop sample


"Reading Dragon"

NFS - Woodland Park Library



"Fairy Tale Castle"

NFS - Woodland Park Library


"Ilalla Palm"

NFS - Woodland Park Library


"Ocean Display"

NFS - Woodland Park Elementary School Library


"Cave Art"

 NFS - Woodland Park School Library





"Great Grey Owl"

Price list is coming...

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